Our Philosophy

We believe in embracing creativity, passion and expression along with being an influence within our modern society.

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Our Craft

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Our Artists

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About Us

Shaloma Muzik Recordings is a young and vibrant urban music netlabel and recording scheme, based in Cape Town, South Africa. It was first established in March 2012 as Shaloma Muzik Underground Recording Brand by rapper and producer, Tha Real U. From then the label has emerged as an underground music production and artist management scheme - with it's releases making positive appearances on Soundcloud and partner website, SWGCTY. With it's debut on the South African West Coast, Shaloma Muzik has pioneered the online market in the region, being the first urban netlabel in the local West Coast Hip-Hop scene. This was done through it's practice of online distribution, social media marketing and internet radio play - a global phenomenon which lead the label to be ever trendsetting with an International market in mind. In 2013, the label reached it's 1,000 download milestone - an achievement it acquired with only having one core-artist aboard. By 2014, the label then emerged as a team, solidifying itself with a new name (Shaloma Muzik Recordings and no longer Shaloma Muzik URB) - and a new perspective - one which intends on reaching all levels of label recognition. It has thus established strategic partnerships and has appeared in various online media on a global scale - with it's artist making local debuts and performances in bridging a South African sound with an International mindset.

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The Shaloma Muzik roster is filled with the creative minds - both talented and artistic in their philosophy of music and the excellence of their craft

Gowty Nikarado

A founding member of the 3rd.Grave.1.0.2 Movement, Go-T is not your average township kid. With an aggressive passion for rap - and a performer who doesn't sleep, be on the look out for his phenomenal rhymes, bound to transform the sound and culture.

Jay King

Jay King is a rapper at heart, poet and drummer by day, an aspiring Architect and a positive influence in the world around him.

Khanyi Mjodo

An Idols South Africa Golden Ticket holder, this beautiful songstress is a vocal performer not to be slept on. Her voice has not only inspired but also entertained large audiences through live on-stage and duet performances.

Lil' Stewy

Easy going and creative, Stewy is known for his unique taste in music. Impulsive to engineering beats; Stewy is an artist who embraces the quality of life and Christian principles in his craft and through this has collaborated with various local artists.

Tha Real U

Aiming to probe society at "being real"' and pursuing a lifestyle of authenticity, Real U is founder of 'Real You Society', his own blog and digital-social space which harbors as a platform of artistic expression and online mentorship, emphasising his underlying message - being "the real you"'.

The Essence

With an unending passion for music, an overflow of talent and creative genes, The Essence showcases the reason music exists. His ability to play musical instruments, produce great sounds and articulate messages of great music makes him an artistic genius.

What's New

Peep the latest in news and information regarding Shaloma Muzik below


Artist News

Khanyi Continues To Grace Stages At Mahora Festival

Posted By shalomamuzik

On November 14, 2015 R&B and urban contemporary songstress, Khanyi Mjodo performed at the first Mahora Music Festival in the Boland-town of Wellington, Western Cape.
The event, which was glamorously executed in all white, featured the likes of South African House-icons, Heavy K, DJ Tira, Euphonik &


Artist News

Khanyi & The Essence Slay Paarl Music Festival

Posted By shalomamuzik

On October 24, 2015 Shaloma Muzik Recordings obtained breakthrough recognition in the local music scene by having two of it’s artists perform at the first annual Paarl Music & Arts Festival. The show which was headlined alongside South African Music Awards winning-band Beatenberg, featured Shaloma songstress, Khanyi

Gowty Nikarado

Artist News

Go-T now Gowty Ahead of Book Published LP

Posted By shalomamuzik

Earlier this year, Go-T Nqwelo became Shaloma Muzik’s first Cape Town-based act to join the label. Nqwelo who is one part member of 3rd Grave 1.0.2 Movement’s GraveyardGang, a rap collective featuring fellow Cape Town Southern District artists, N-Jay.52 and BlaqKoncious – released his first musical release “Kingz

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